The road construction was flagged off by the ex-NDDC boss Barr Dan B. Abia in a ground breaking ceremony in 2015. The Etebi- Oruko road is a key infrastructure project in  Niger Delta, which funded by Niger Delta and is to be constructed by Basse Engineering & Michel Ltd.

Basse Engineering & Michel LTD strong track record of reliably delivering of critical national infrastructure in Nigeria came up for worthy mention at the ceremony, notably that Basse Engineering’s excellent, timely and lasting engineering construction capabilities makes the company a top choice for the construction of challenging works, such as the Etebi- Oruko Alignment.

Technically, the road is a massive undertaking it includes construction of a 10km long road through low lying marshy area, muddy area and swampy area, construction of cross culverts over the channel.

Also not left out is our company’s community policies which are strictly adhered to through our corporate social responsibility (CSR).